Quit your job to travel the World? Maybe not.

Quit your job to travel the WorldIt sounds so exciting and you’ve heard stories, or maybe even met people, who’ve done it. Now you’re wondering if you could do it too.¬†Just pack up and set out, find work wherever you go, meet fascinating people and have exciting adventures.

Well, it is possible but unless you enjoy spending most of your time doing really menial work, living in slum conditions and sometimes going hungry, quitting your job to travel the world may not be right for you.

I know a couple who pulled it off but it didn’t turn out so well in the end. They had good technology jobs and saved all their money before they set off on a two year adventure circling the World. When the money ran out and they couldn’t find work any more work they headed home ready to resume their jobs.

But the technology had bypassed their skills and they found no one wanted to hire them. After ten year of trying to catch up with the industry while raising two young children the strain caused them to divorce. They both have very bitter memories of the whole adventure.

A young couple from South Africa who quit their jobs to travel the world have admitted the less fun side of their adventure on their blog: HowFarFromHome.

Have a read and see if you still want to quit your job to travel the World.